Back-To-School Loan or Education Loan from FANTASTIC GREETINGS SDN BHD

Now that we are in the end-of-year phase, next year’s school is open as usual again, must be a lot of finances to be spent. For children’s expenses, children’s school supplies, and of course you also have other financial problems. And the financial problems of outstanding house rent, car, motorbike, and family expenses as well as the payment of children’s school fees?

Do not worry! We are ready to help you and solve all your problems. The amount of Back-To-School Loan is RM1000-RM10,000 to settle your child’s school/education fees.

Check the Validity of the Licensed Money Lender Company (PPW) Before deciding to make a loan with any loan company, first check the status of the company. Do some research first about the company. Check where the company is, the permit is still active or not, and the status of the license whether is registered with KPKT or not. On the KPKT website, the eMAPS System was introduced to make it easier for borrowers to search and review licensed money lending companies in Malaysia.

If the company is a registered PPW company, the company information will be displayed by the eMAPS system. If there is no information, the company is not a registered PPW company. In other words, they are cheating or their license has expired.


Among other ways that a lender can be sure of cheating is through interest-free or profit-free loan offers on the part of the lender. An example is the offer ‘borrow RM1,000, pay RM1,000’. This means that the lender offers the loan without interest or profit. It is common knowledge that every lender company is a business and definitely wants to profit from every loan offered. So, it is very impossible for a company to provide its services without expecting a profit. Also, if there are lender companies that give interest rates that are too low, then the borrower should also be careful. Maybe it was also their ploy to deceive.


Once the borrower has applied for a loan at a licensed money lending company and the application has been approved, the borrower must sign a loan agreement. The loan agreement is very important for both the borrower and the lender. It contains all the important details, as well as the terms and conditions of the loan in detail so that if something goes wrong, later on, there is evidence that is difficult to reject and the interests of both parties can be protected. Therefore, it is important for the borrower to carefully and read first the contents of the agreement that has been prepared by the lender. If the borrower is not given the opportunity to read the contents of the agreement and is forced to sign the agreement, it indicates the likelihood that the borrower will be deceived through a biased agreement. The thing that often happens is when borrowers are unaware that the interest rate they are taking is too high. So finally had to pay the loan amount to more than 10 times the loan amount.

Documents Requirements For Each Application: (For Pinjaman Peribadi or Loan from Fantastic Greetings Sdn Bhd)

  1.  3 months salary payslip
  2.  3 months bank statements
  3.  Photocopy of identity card (IC)
  4.  Latest electrical or water bills (Either one of them)
  5.  Job offer letter (for those just starting a job)

For traders, if you want to apply must have

  1. SSM
  2. 6 months company bank statements
  3. Borang B (From LHDN) 2 Years
  4. Company Utility Bills (Electrical or Water Bills) either one of them
  5. Photocopy of identity card (IC)
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