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Loan for business I know many are affected because covid-19 ni many are also among the businesses affected because of this epidemic many have also lost their source of income and livelihood so we want to help those who need financial assistance, we open this personal business loan to those who are eligible only the eligibility requirements are as below.

Conditions for business/self-employment
  1. SSM
  2. 6 months company bank statements
  3. Borang B (From LHDN) 2 Years
  4. Company Utility Bills (Electrical or Water Bills) either one of them
  5. Photocopy of identity card (IC)

The business owner is a Malaysian citizen aged 22 years and above  Business period is more than 2 years. The business is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). With a company bank account with a monthly transaction.

Repayment Method According to the Customer’s Monthly Budget. Flexible repayment loans are an evolution of basic term loans, with the option of allowing borrowers to make loans without an advance on their loan amount. With flexible or semi-flexible loans, you can reduce the principal amount debt beyond the agreed payment schedule, which also affects interest, open a truly flexible option, with a monthly fee. you can assume this financial product is almost the same as any other bank account. Term loans are unsecured and without any difficulty to fulfill your dreams. No collateral. Without a guarantor. Easy repayment period up to 18 months and loan amount up to RM100,000. The simple loan processing procedure allows you to get the loan money in just 30 minutes.

We offer a variety of loan packages to suit the capabilities of each customer. We also adopt the concept of first paying later loans. We also do not charge any deposit charges and processing fees are all free. So what are you waiting for, let’s book your slot now! Eligibility checks are also free of charge.

The company also accepts Blacklist CTOS /CCRIS Most Financial institutions will not accept applications from individuals with poor records of both CTOS & CCRIS reports but at Fantastic Greetings Sdn Bhd very welcome bank loans to individuals with poor credit scores or histories. This CTOS/CCRIS Personal Loan Plan is for Government & Private employees there is also a loan for CCRIS PTPTN Although you can apply, it does not mean that your application passed usually, the financial institution still sets the terms & conditions like all loans so pass or fail will depend on many factors that will be assessed by the financial institution.

Our Greatness And Expertise.

  • Does not require a guarantor

  • No collateral required

  • There is no early settlement charge

  • Immediate Approval Without processing fee

  • No deposit money

  • No sign from the employer is required

  • Low-interest rates

  • Flexible repayment period

  • Personal information is kept confidential

  • The money you can get in full without cutting any fees or cost

  • Each customer will be given a free gift for each approved loan application





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