Got Debt Elsewhere? We Can Help Settle Other Debt

Our community credit company Fantastic Greetings Sdn Bhd can help you who are facing problems such as Debt Elsewhere, High Settlement, Blacklist CTOS/CCRIS/PTPTN, Low salary paid sector, Over 60% Commitment, and others more.  Let us help you, only a brief document is needed to know what the eligibility requirements are? please read this article belowContinue Reading

Attractive Limited Time Loan Offer

Fantastic Greetings Sdn Bhd would like to provide a worthwhile loan offer open to all public and private sectors who work on a permanent or contract basis, we at Fantastic Greetings Sdn Bhd community credit company offer personal loans with packages that suit the ability of our customers, companies we are also registered under KPKTContinue Reading

Low Interest Emergency Loan/Emergency Funds

This personal loan is also open to all public and government sectors with auto-debit pay only. Those who work contracts and traders can also apply as long as they meet the conditions we are eligible to apply with the community credit company Fantastic Greetings Sdn Bhd we have also been operating for almost 4 yearsContinue Reading

Month End Promotion

Happy Friday everyone, okay today I want to tell you about the end of the month promotion, our company it’s a community credit Fantastic Greetings Sdn bhd is now holding an open end of month loan promotion for all private and government sectors who pay auto-debit only and have their salary slips contract work canContinue Reading

Loan From RM1K-RM50K Can Be Approve In 35 Minutes Only

At Fantastic Greetings Sdn Bhd we provide Unsecured & Collateral Loans No deposit Just need some documents for review. Free processing no additional charges, Every Loan that passes will also get an attractive gift from us. follow the steps below if you need a Loan Today. Our Greatness And Expertise. Does not require a guarantorContinue Reading

Check Loan Eligibility for Free

Our topic today is Free Loan Eligibility Check. I am Shawn As your Financial Consultant. We start Operating In 2019 have a Permanent Office in Damansara Jaya. We are registered under KPKT MALAYSIA. The wisest alternative option is to be rejected by the bank. Apply & approve as well as same-day.  Our Greatness And Expertise.Continue Reading

Personal Loan

Personal Loan Personal Loans for those who need instant cash to solve their financial problems. Fantastic Greetings Sdn Bhd is a licensed moneylender registered under KPKT (KEMENTERIAN PERUMAHAN DAN KERAJAAN TEMPATAN). They are now offering a Personal Loan for the B40 sector. B40 is the low salary paid sector in Malaysia. Fantastic Greetings Sdn BhdContinue Reading

Business Loan

Loan for business I know many are affected because covid-19 ni many are also among the businesses affected because of this epidemic many have also lost their source of income and livelihood so we want to help those who need financial assistance, we open this personal business loan to those who are eligible only theContinue Reading

Blacklisted at CTOS or CCRIS Still Eligible to Apply

Our Excellence Here we would like to offer a registered loan scheme to anyone experiencing a financial crisis whether you are BLACKLIST / CTOS / CCRIS, do not worry you can also apply. Whatever your job, you can apply for a loan with our company. 1) High-value lending compared to other companies 2) Low-interest paymentsContinue Reading

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